IWD 2023: Nisa Premier Offers Free Gynaecological Consultation for Women


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To commemorate the International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023, Nisa Premier Hospitals offered free gynaecological consultation to women in Abuja and sensitised them on health issues centred around sexual and reproductive health.

At the event, Amina Isah, a regenerative medicine specialist and head of reproductive and sexual health with Nisa Premier Hospitals also lectured women on regenerative medicine and its application in gynaecology.

The lecture is in line with the IWD2023 theme: “DigitalALL: Innovation  and Technology for Gender Equality”. Isah urged all women to take their health seriously and go for regular screening.

Speaking further, the health expert expressed concerns that fibroid is one of the common health problem among women of reproductive age. And even as she  sensitized women on the symptoms to look out for, she reiterated the need to ensure regular checkups.

She also lamented that cervical cancer has remained one of the major cause of fatality among women despite being 100 percent preventable!

Amina Isah as well remarked that millions of Nigerian women are at risk because they cannot access the life-saving  human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine due to its high cost and failure of the Nigerian government to integrate it into the national immunization programme.

“Government has a big role to play by making all these services free for the people especially for people in the rural communities”, she bewailed, noting that “80 percent of the problem is in the rural communities”.

Also speaking, Musa Shuaib, the Group Managing Director, Nisa Premier, noted that women are still disadvantaged in many sectors . According to him, one of the factors limiting women from competing with their male counterparts is  the extra burden they carry in terms of the traditional roles they play in their homes.

While encouraging women to embrace technology to enable them compete favourably, Shuaib also  advocated that the traditional roles played should be modified and urged workspaces to make adjustments to allow women play the extra role.

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